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There is an abundant amount of information about custom orthotics and foot conditions. However, not all information is the same. In this blog, we’re taking a look at 4 of the most common myths surrounding this industry.

Foot conditions can not only lead to painful feet but discomfort in your knees, hips, and other areas of the body. Just one of the ways one can help to alleviate these painful conditions is through the use of orthotics. Orthotics can provide a wealth of benefits for your entire body. 

  • Custom Orthotics provide the support needed in the medial longitudinal arch.
  • They can be modified to relieve pressures in certain areas of the foot.
  • They can help to correct alignment abnormalities in the feet and in doing so, help with total body alignment.
  • Custom Orthotics are used in all types of situations and individuals, not just for relief of painful foot conditions.

Even though orthotics come with a myriad of benefits, a lot of people are not familiar with them and even believe common misconceptions about them. Below are the top four myths about orthotics. 

  1. More cushion is better
    When people are experiencing foot pain, their first instinct is to insert cushion in the form of foam or gel into their shoes. This may help for a very short period of time but this cushion compresses and is no longer viable. When it comes to addressing painful feet, it’s all about the arch support and modifications to the Custom orthotic. Yes, I definitely add cushion to the orthotics I produce and use, but again, it is the support that counts.
  2. They’re only for the older population
    Orthopedic shoes are often associated with older individuals so when people hear the term “orthopedic orthotic” they wrongly assume they are meant for the senior population. The truth is, foot conditions can affect anyone at any age. In some cases, taking preventative action with orthotics at a young age can help keep foot issues from getting worse in the future.
  3. Custom orthotics are the same as store-bought
    Pre-molded insoles can in fact help with foot conditions, but which ones are right for you? It’s daunting looking at a wall full of insoles and wondering which one to choose. Pre-molded insoles are made with a general audience in mind so it’s unlikely they will provide the right support for “You” going this route. Custom orthotics, on the other hand, are specifically made with your foot in mind. You’ll be getting the right support out of the gate instead of going through a period of trial and error.

  1. Custom Orthotics are expensive

Yes, there are custom orthotic options that are pricier than others, but I am all about affordability and need. I offer 3 different orthotic options to my clients based on their foot conditions and needs. I’m not interested in putting you in my most expensive option; I’m interested in putting you in the “RIGHT OPTION” for you and all in all, my 3 options are affordable.

If you’re experiencing Foot or joint pain, Alignment issues or are simply looking for a unique type of comfort, you should contact Solelytics. Our custom  orthotics experience will set you up with the best arch support for your feet. 

Bryan Acheson – (303) 981-3999 – Bryan@solelytics.com

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