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Orthotics Workplace Wellness Program

Supporting Health Concerns

Every industry experiences issues with employee health. From office desk jobs to physical labor and everything in between, employers need to understand how to best support emerging health concerns.

Workplace wellness programs have grown in popularity to address these health concerns, but there’s still a lot of work to do. For a workplace wellness offering to be successful, employees must: 1. Use it, 2. Benefit from it and 3. See its value.

Wellness programs can help employees in both the short-term & long-term. One challenge is that companies cannot always calculate the true return on investment both financially or in company culture.
What if you could implement a unique wellness program focused on providing relief from a few of the leading health problems facing America’s workers?

Personalized Support To Fit Your Team

Solelytics provides a unique & comprehensive Healthy Feet Wellness Program for businesses small and large looking to improve their workforce’s quality of life. Through our mobile service and personalized process, your team will be able to take control of their own health.

You can experience increased profits, healthier workplace culture, and overall happier team members.

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Relieving On-The-Job Foot Pain in Richmond, VA

8 out of 10 Americans have experienced foot problems, with half saying it impacted their quality of life. Foot pain isn’t exclusive to certain industries or job types. Whether you work in a physically intensive environment or you sit behind a desk all day, you can still experience the effects of painful foot conditions.

For those who suffer from chronic foot pain:

  • 65% experience back pain
  • 57% experience joint pain
  • 52% experience knee pain
  • 56% deal with weight issues

These issues occur over time thanks to:

  • Poor footwear
  • Stress or overuse
  • Structural changes in the foot

Solelytics’ Workplace Wellness Program provides all team members with a valuable and comprehensive foot assessment, Gait analysis, orthotic solution and footwear recommendations. By the end, team members are armed with the education about their feet & the footwear they wear as well as happy feet.

Customized Wellness Program for Personalized Foot Care Solutions

When you partner with Solelytics to implement a wellness program focused on your team members’ foot health, you’ll receive personalized solutions that can improve your work’s quality of living.

Your team members will receive a comprehensive foot assessment & gait analysis as well as footwear sizing & recommendations. With this knowledge, we can recommend a customizable orthotic solution designed around a person’s specific feet. 

Through this program, Solelytics will continue to support your business’s foot health through partnership & follow-up.

This foot health-focused wellness program is convenient for you and your team and even easier to take advantage of with an on-site setup. When properly implemented, the Healthy Feet Wellness Program can improve your business by:

  • Relieving foot, knee, hip and back pain
  • Improving job satisfaction and productivity
  • Showing value to your team members

Let's Get Started

Once you’ve decided Solelytic’s foot wellness plan is the right fit, we’ll work with you to determine the best times to work with your team.

The process is simply not only for you but for your team as well.

As a mobile unit, our scheduling is flexible to meet the needs of your staff. We’re ready whenever you are and can provide quality, healthy foot care whenever your team needs it.

Schedule a time at your location for a specialized foot health event.

The Solelytics team provides on-site setup.

Each team member receives a 30-35 minute comprehensive consultation.

Team members walk out of their appointment with orthotics, knowledge about their feet and footwear and a smile.

Team members are emailed footwear recommendations tailored to them within 3 days of the event as well as to follow up and check-in.

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On a Mission

Solelytics is on a mission to keep the Richmond community happy and healthy, and we believe that starts at the sole. My mission is to help individuals live their best life and support our communities one foot at a time

Foot pain doesn’t just affect how your body feels, it also affects your mood, job satisfaction, productivity, work-life balance and other aspects of your life. When you’re dealing with untreated foot conditions, it can lead to a multitude of issues and your productivity and overall happiness can greatly diminish.

Solelytic’s foot health-focused wellness program is designed to provide pain relief that keeps employees happy and productive. By incorporating your daily activities and routines into the program, your custom orthotics proactively support you when you need them most.

Through custom orthotics, everyone receives a tailor-made solution for their foot pains, which help eliminate pain in the ankle, knee, hip and back. After you experience these health improvements, you can focus on improving your efficiency at work and getting back to living a healthier lifestyle.

Best of all, Solelytics actively gives back to the Richmond community by making donations to a local charity or organization of your choice on your behalf. You’ll not only receive an invaluable foot wellness program, but a way to promote your business as on that truly cares for its team’s health and the greater community.

Mobile and Affordable

From prefabricated orthotics to medical-grade custom orthotics for advanced foot conditions, Solelytics is committed to providing your company with a quality foot workplace wellness program.

Solelytics is results-driven in order to maximize your companies productivity & profits. Contact us to see how we can improve your company from head to toe.

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