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Custom Orthotics

Personalized Support To Fit You

You’re dealing with pain. From your lower back, down to your hip. From your hip to your knees. Your knees to your ankle and from your ankle, to your foot.

You’ve been dealing with it for so long now, it almost feels commonplace.

But what if you didn’t have to suffer in silence? What if a device, such as an orthotic beneath your foot, could rectify these issues?

With custom orthotics made specifically to your feet, you can say goodbye to foot pain and hello to aligned joints that make your daily living that much more comfortable.

Easy | Convenient | Affordable

Whether you’re dealing with plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, bunions, flat feet or other issues causing your foot pain, Solelytics’ custom orthotics can provide you with the pain relief you need.

Through our comprehensive foot assessment & analysis and customized foot experience, you can take your foot pain and turn it into foot comfort.

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Certified Pedorthist

With Solelytics, you’re under the care of a Certified Pedorthist. This means you’re not just getting a cookie-cutter insert from a salesperson to temporarily “fix” your foot pain.

It means you’re getting treatment from a healthcare professional specifically trained in comprehensive foot care.

It means you can rest assured you’ll get quality treatment with Virginia’s premier mobile custom orthotics company.

Your gait analysis is a biomechanics assessment of your body’s movement and mechanics while you’re walking. This allows us to measure the alignment of your ankles, knees and hips through examination of the activity of your muscles, motions of your ankles, lower legs and up through the hips. 

Your foot assessment will measure your foot type, range of motion and the flexibility of your feet. Alongside this, we’ll examine your foot for anatomical abnormalities, deformities and signs of your overall foot health.

Your shoe fitting will include a proper measurement of your foot, matching both the length and width for comfortable wear. This ensures you’ll have the proper fit of shoes during locomotion as to avoid splaying of the foot with footwear that is too big and compression with wear that is too small.

Trained and certified to fit both your shoe and orthotic, your orthotic fitting will be custom-tailored to your specific foot type, shape and condition. Your orthotic fitting will correspond with your arch length and the offloading of pressures where needed, resulting in a reduction of chronic foot pain. 

The modification and accommodation of your orthotic for ultimate foot comfort and foot pain relief is our commitment to you.

Bryan’s custom made insoles are fantastic and work wonderfully.
I play Pickleball and tennis, so my feet really take a pounding.
These insoles have helped quite a bit and I would recommend them to anyone looking for relief from foot and leg pain….

Paul Stoehr

I would very much recommend Solelytics! Conveniently (and expertly) fitted and made at your home appointment. Very reasonably priced. Bryan is knowledgeable, helpful and genuinely wants to help your foot and whole body health. I love my custom insoles!

Chelsea Peterson

Bryan at Sole Theory is fabulous! He believes in what he does AND he has the knowledge and experience to back it up. I love my insoles and I love that he works with my patients, family and friends so that we can all move better and have happy feet!

Julie Henderson
Stepping into custom orthotics

Foot Health

Your foot is a highly complicated system of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments that must support the weight of your entire body. And with custom orthotics, available no matter where you are, you can alleviate — and even eliminate — foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back pain.

Your custom orthotics will help with:

  • Equally dispersing pressure throughout your entire foot
  • Enhancing your stability and balance
  • Properly aligning your body from the ground up
  • Preventing and reducing pain in your joints

Designed with day-to-day activities in mind, these orthotics will incorporate features specific to you, your pain relief and your comfort.

Prefabricated Orthotics

From prefabricated orthotics to medical grade custom orthotics for advanced foot conditions, Solelytics is committed to providing you with the highest level of foot care. We’re a unique, mobile, and affordable foot care company designed with you in mind.

Whether you’re looking for education about your feet, foot assessments, custom orthotics, or quality accessories, such as socks and compression garments, we’re available to help increase your overall comfort and get you to living your best life.

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