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Comfortable, Pain-Free Combat Boots. Period!


Free Military Pain Defense Guide

We’ve created a guide to help you understand the aches and pains you’re experiencing, their causes, and how to overcome them. 

What is Solelytics at the Pxtra?

Bryan D. Acheson is a Certified Pedorthist & Therapeutic Shoe Fitter, trained and certified in foot care including foot assessments, gait analysis, pressure mapping, orthotics and footwear. You’ll find medical grade SOLUTIONS that work for the painful conditions your’re experiencing both in-store and online. That’s only half the story though. PREVENTION from painful conditions and improper alignment is the key to a long, ACTIVE life. It’s hard to think 10-20-30 years in the future when you’re young and invincible but you need to!

My Passion is Helping People!

Keeping people active and pain free is another core value of Solelytics. Over 80% of Americans will experience some sort of painful foot condition in their lifetime and now YOU have somewhere to go who cares only about solutions and service. We will also educate you on foot health, footwear and other related topics so you’re primed and ready to take control of your foot health.


Medical Grade Arch Support

Orthotics are placed inside your combat boots & PT shoes and are critical for increasing comfort and decreasing pain:

  • The foot structure must be supported
  • Help you to overcome painful foot & knee conditions
  • Ensure you’re in proper alignment affecting the knees, hips and back

Medical Grade Compression Bracing

Graduated compression is an effective tool for pain relief & swelling, bracing & stability as well as prevention. Our compression bracing will:

  • Decrease pain, swelling, and recovery time
  • Target specific conditions through  Compression Zone Technology
  • Increase joint stability and blood circulation
Medical Grade Compression Bracing

Medical Grade Compression Socks

The purpose of a sock is to protect your feet and keep them cool & dry!

  • No Irritation – Seamless toe and left/ right-specific construction prevent blisters and slipping.
  • Premium Materials – Chosen to wick away moisture, prevent bacterial growth, and keep feet healthy.
  • Provide support to the arch of the foot

Foot & Shoe Care and Pain Relief

Proven solutions to the common problems you’ll face as a soldier:

  • Dr Hoy’s Pain Relief Gel w/ Arnica
  • Water repellent for your combat boots & shoes
  • Brown’s Foot Bath for foot irritation, calluses, blisters, foot odor and more
  • Disinfectant & Deoderizor
  • And more…

Free Services

We’re more than just a retail shop! We truly care and are offering you the following on us:

  • Foot sizing
  • Gait analysis
  • Waterproofing
  • PT Shoe Recommendations
  • Education

You'll Receive A Personal Shopping Experience

Retail shopping is no longer an experience, it’s a self-driven, customer unfriendly, hope you find what you’re looking for nightmare. Solelytics has said NO MORE. You’ll be greeted by friendly and service driven team members who are focused on YOU during your shopping experience, guiding your through the process of finding SOLUTIONS that work for you.

Free Military Pain Defense Guide

We’ve created a guide to help you understand the aches and pains you’re experiencing, their causes, and how to overcome them.

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