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Mobile Custom Orthotics in Henrico, VA

Custom-Made Orthotics that Provide Foot Pain Relief

You’re dealing with pain. Your lower back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet – every part of your lower body feels the stress of walking and standing upright. The longer this pain goes on, the worse it’ll get, decreasing your ability to stay active and live your best life.

Don’t suffer in silence. Devices like orthotics and proper footwear are designed to support your feet and alleviate this unwelcome pain. 

Say goodbye to your foot pain with custom-made orthotics that mold to your feet and facilitates proper body alignment. Keep up with your daily tasks and activities with orthotics specifically designed to alleviate your pain and make life exciting again.

In just one hour, Solelytics will create the perfect custom orthotics for your feet.

Personalized Support to Fit You

Solelytics’ custom orthotics are tailored to provide pain relief for your specific needs. Through a comprehensive foot assessment and analysis, we personalize your inserts for extra comfort.

Whether you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, bunions, flat feet, or other painful foot conditions, our devices will offer a solution to your discomfort.

Comprehensive Foot Care to Ease Your Pain

When you need relief, a cookie-cutter insert option from a salesman or drug store will only temporarily “fix” your suffering. With Solelytics, you get a customized solution from a Certified Pedorthist.

Your treatment is coming from a healthcare professional specifically trained in comprehensive foot care.

You can rest assured that you’ll receive a quality solution with Henrico’s premier mobile custom orthotics company.

Gait Analysis

  • We measure the alignment of your ankles, knees, and hips using a biomechanics assessment of your body’s movements and mechanics. This gait analysis will look at the activity of your muscles and the motion of your ankles, lower legs, and up through your hips to get a proper understanding of the way you walk.

Foot Assessment

  • We determine your foot type and measure your range of motion and the flexibility of your feet with our comprehensive foot assessment. If you have any anatomical abnormalities or deformities with your feet, we’ll examine them even further to make sure we understand your overall foot health and what we can do to help. 

Shoe Fitting

  • Your footwear should fit properly. Shoes that are too big will spread your feet, and shoes that are too small will compress them. We will conduct a proper measurement of your foot and match both the length and width for comfortable wear that fits just right.

Orthotic Fitting

  • We are trained and certified to conduct personalized orthotic fitting for your shoe and device. Your orthotic will be custom-tailored to your specific foot type, shape, and condition. It will correspond with your arch length and take pressure off your foot to reduce chronic foot pain. 
  • In just one hour, we’ll modify your orthotics and accommodate your needs to provide the ultimate foot comfort and pain relief.

See What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

Brody Rotzoll
Solelytics Customer
Read More
I just had a consultation with Bryan from Solelytics, and OMG! That was the most professional well rounded consultation I have ever had. I did not know the details that went into orthotics, but there are sooooooo many and Bryan made it so easy to understand. Thank you Bryan for everything!
Chelsi Mallory
Solelytics Customer
Read More
Bryan was awesome! My PT recommended Bryan for custom arch supports to assist in my rehab for a knee issue. Bryan’s setup is completely mobile which was great due to my busy schedule. Once Bryan got everything set up he checked my gait analysis, and pulled foot prints to check where I’m placing pressure when I walk. After that we talked about the orthotics, and he was able to make them on site. They took about a week of using to get used to but now it feels weird not having them in shoes. Bryan even checked in a few days later to see how I was doing with them. The follow-up email Bryan sends is detailed with copious options of shoes based on your own individual needs. I would high recommend using Bryan if you are interested in custom inserts!!!
Brian Wotring
Solelytics Customer
Read More
Bryan was fantastic! I am an avid runner, even if I am a slow one, and was looking to take better care of my feet during this year's race season. I decided to book a consultation with Bryan regarding custom orthotics. He was attentive, thorough, and explained, in terms I could understand, the results and their implications. He even helped me get the orthotics properly set in my running shoes. I highly recommend Solelytics.
Rachel Marks
Solelytics Customer
Read More
Solelytics is now my go-to for all of my food care needs! I have been a hairdresser for 10 years and I’m on my feet constantly. I was lucky enough to meet Bryan when my bosses brought him in the salon to consult with us on what each of our individual needs were. He is very very thorough. Bryan is passionate about what he does and it really shows. When I reached out to get more socks and inserts for my shoes, he was very quick to get back to me and was able to deliver them within the week! Give him a call today!
His or Hers Salon
Solelytics Customer
Read More
Amazing experience. We brought Bryan into our salon for a foot health event for our team. With service providers standing on their feet all day, we loved the idea to introduce this new program of health. He came directly to us and was able to host the entire event in the salon! Bryan is very informative, personable, and knowledgeable. He immediately made everyone feel comfortable! The results for each of our team was immediate. Back, leg, and foot pain have all immensely been relieved! Looking forward to hosting another event for our team this year!
Chelsea Longbottom
Solelytics Customer
Read More
Bryan was so wonderful to work with! I can’t tell you how nice it was to have him COME TO me…the mobile service is great. I was blown away with all we were doing, and I really appreciated Bryan educating me about my feet and proper footwear. For all that I learned and was given (to include my custom fitted inserts) I was very impressed with the affordability of his services and all the benefits that came from my appointment! I was instantly able to stand up better and walk straighter with his custom inserts in my tennis shoes, and the socks of his I’m also able to use are fanatics. Breathable, supportive, fashionable. I have recommended Bryan/Solelytics to everyone I know and think the entire experience is worth it! I recently was able to go from walking 0.83mi to almost 2 miles without the same pain and discomfort I had before! It’s 100% because I have the correct support under my feet and to that’s priceless.
Darrell Aleshire
Solelytics Customer
Read More
Bryan and I met and I was instantly put at ease. When it comes to pain in your hips, back, and knees, I never knew that an orthotic could do so much. Bryan set me up with two sets of custom fit orthotics. I have to say that since I received them, I have noticed that my pain is GONE in my hip! I even decided to go a few days without the orthotics and the pain came back. Bryan truly is a professional and will have my business for life!
Susan Shornak
Solelytics Customer
Read More
My husband met with Brian and after his appointment finally felt like he had relief on the way. Brian educated him on foot issues, how to change habits concerning footwear, use of the shoe inserts, etc. He is now well on the way to working and living comfortably without battling foot and back pain! Thanks Brian! I'm next!
Lyss Johnston
Solelytics Customer
Read More
Thank you, Bryan! I love my new inserts and the peace of mind knowing that I'm doing the best things possible for my foot health. Not only did you create the perfect inserts, but you took the time to educate me about what my feet need and why. And, the socks are awesome, too! I saved your notes about your recommendations and footwear resources. I highly recommend Bryan!
Ben Mize
Solelytics Customer
Read More
I enjoy playing pickleball, but foot pain from arthritis and flat feet often limits my playing time. I have used orthotics for several years, including outrageously expensive custom made ones, to limited success. I met Bryan at a pickleball tournament and decided to give him a try. He came to the house ( a big plus), did a thorough examination of my feet, and recommended an insole tailored to my issues. They have been great and have allowed me to play longer with significantly less post match pain. I plan to purchase more insoles from him soon. Great guy and great product.

Creating Custom Orthotics for Supreme Foot Support

Your feet support the weight of your entire body. As a complex system of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, you need to take your foot pain seriously when it persists. With custom orthotics, you can alleviate – and may even eliminate – any foot, ankle, knee, hip, or back pain you experience on a daily basis.

Custom Orthotics Will Help With

  • Dispersing pressure throughout the entire foot
  • Enhancing your stability and balance
  • Aligning your body properly
  • Preventing and reducing pain in your joints

These orthotics will specifically target your pain points and provide comfort where you need it so you can go about your daily activities with ease.

Client Consultation

Hit the Ground Running With Custom Orthotics

Solelytics is committed to providing quality care for those suffering from foot pain in the Henrico area. From prefabricated orthotics to customized medical grade orthotics, we have a solution for even the most advanced foot conditions. Our mobile foot care company is fast, affordable, and reliable.

Whether you need a foot assessment, custom orthotics, or quality accessories like socks and compression garments, we can provide the proper foot care solution. Our mobile services will come to you, making it that much easier to increase your comfortability and live a pain-free life.

Solelytics Mobile Van

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