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Free Foot Consultations

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Get to the bottom of your painful foot or knee condition and receive recommendations from a trained and board certified professional. You receive a basic foot assessment, gait analysis, shoe analysis and footwear recommendations as well as recommendations on the solutions right for you.

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Bunions
  • Heel Pain
  • Arch Pain
  • Ball of Foot pain
  • High Arches
  • Flat feet
  • Knee Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Performance
  • And More…

Step 1

Schedule your free 30-minute foot consultation

Step 2

Bring with you the footwear you wear on a regular basis

Step 3

Leave knowing more about your feet and what solutions & footwear are right for you

What is Solelytics at the Pxtra?

Bryan D. Acheson is a Certified Pedorthist & Therapeutic Shoe Fitter, trained and board certified in foot care including foot assessments, gait analysis, pressure mapping, orthotics and footwear. You’ll find medical grade SOLUTIONS that work for the painful conditions your’re experiencing both in-store and online. That’s only half the story though. PREVENTION from painful conditions and improper alignment is the key to a long, ACTIVE life. Don’t wait until foot or knee pain has you down and out, be proactive in taking care of your feet.


Custom & Prefabricated Arch Support

We take the time to assess you and recommend the correct type of orthotics right for you. Our solutions can fit in virtually any type of footwear you wear and are easy & affordable. Custom orthotics can be fit to you in under 30 minutes.

  • The foot structure must be supported
  • Help you to overcome painful foot & knee conditions
  • Ensure you’re in proper alignment affecting the knees, hips and back

Medical Grade Compression Bracing

Graduated compression is an effective tool for pain relief & swelling, bracing & stability as well as prevention. Our compression bracing will:

  • Decrease pain, swelling, and recovery time
  • Target specific conditions through  Compression Zone Technology
  • Increase joint stability and blood circulation
Medical Grade Compression Bracing

Medical Grade Compression Socks

The purpose of a sock is to protect your feet and keep them cool & dry!

  • No Irritation – Seamless toe and left/ right-specific construction prevent blisters and slipping.
  • Premium Materials – Chosen to wick away moisture, prevent bacterial growth, and keep feet healthy.
  • Provide support to the arch of the foot

Foot & Shoe Care and Pain Relief

Proven solutions to common problems you experience every day:

  • Dr Hoy’s Pain Relief Gel w/ Arnica
  • Water repellent for footwear and more
  • Brown’s Foot Bath for foot irritation, calluses, blisters, foot odor and more
  • Disinfectant & Deoderizor
  • And more…

Solelytics is now my go-to for all of my food care needs! I have been a hairdresser for 10 years and I’m on my feet constantly. I was lucky enough to meet Bryan when my bosses brought him in the salon to consult with us on what each of our individual needs were. He is very very thorough. Bryan is passionate about what he does and it really shows. Give him a call today!

Rachel Marks

I came to Bryan on the recommendation of my chiropractors and I am really glad I met him.
The process was very explicable. He took a lot of time to fit the inlays for my shoes individually.
I had some before and was afraid of an uncomfortable outcome. But it feels very comfortable (even the hard ones!) and supports my archs very good. Walking is fun again!

Peter Stubakow

I recently visited Solelytics in Virginia and I had a life- changing experience. I have extreme pain in my feet due to “flat feet”. Bryan was able to assess the problem I was having and gave me a quick, yet satisfying solution. The insoles and performance socks are a game changer!! I immediately felt my pain go away and it felt like I was walking on clouds! I will definitely be purchasing more socks in the near future.

Camille Jackson
Bryan | Solelytics Certified Pedorthist

Certified & Complete Foot Care

Life is already painful enough. You have enough stress as it already is. Why keep foot pain within your aches?

As a CPed-Certified Pedorthist and Therapeutic Shoe Fitter, Solelytics brings the knowledge and experience necessary to reduce pain, increase comfort and enhance performance — all through professionally executed foot solutions.

Our foot care services include, but are not limited to:

Certified Pedorthist

With Solelytics, you’re under the care of a Certified Pedorthist. This means you’re not just getting a cookie-cutter insert from a salesperson to temporarily “fix” your foot pain.

It means you’re getting treatment from a healthcare professional specifically trained in comprehensive foot care.

It means you can rest assured you’ll get quality treatment with Virginia’s premier mobile custom orthotics company.

Your gait analysis is a biomechanics assessment of your body’s movement and mechanics while you’re walking. This allows us to measure the alignment of your ankles, knees and hips through examination of the activity of your muscles, motions of your ankles, lower legs and up through the hips. 

Your foot assessment will measure your foot type, range of motion and the flexibility of your feet. Alongside this, we’ll examine your foot for anatomical abnormalities, deformities and signs of your overall foot health.

Your shoe fitting will include a proper measurement of your foot, matching both the length and width for comfortable wear. This ensures you’ll have the proper fit of shoes during locomotion as to avoid splaying of the foot with footwear that is too big and compression with wear that is too small.

Trained and certified to fit both your shoe and orthotic, your orthotic fitting will be custom-tailored to your specific foot type, shape and condition. Your orthotic fitting will correspond with your arch length and the offloading of pressures where needed, resulting in a reduction of chronic foot pain. 

The modification and accommodation of your orthotic for ultimate foot comfort and foot pain relief is our commitment to you. And it’s all done in an hour.

Schedule Your Free Foot Consultation

1431 Mahone Ave. Fort Lee, VA

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