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Serving Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Petersburg, Chester, Chesterfield, Midlothian, & Richmond Metro

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Affordable & Mobile Custom Orthotics Based in Richmond, VA

Helping people live a healthier life, without foot pain.

Your feet endure a lot, every day. From walking through the grocery store to hiking the mountains of Virginia and everything in between, your feet support you like no other.

And it’s time for you to return the favor.  

Affordable & Mobile Custom Orthotics Based in Richmond, VA

Personalized Solutions & Passionate Foot Support


With custom orthotics molded to your foot, you can give your feet the support they deserve. 

If you suffer from foot, ankle, hip or back pain, then a bargain bin orthotic from your local supermarket won’t help you. What will help are custom-made orthotics, specifically fit to you, for the ultimate foot and arch support. 

As Richmond’s premiere mobile custom orthotic and foot pain relief company, Solelytics provides both comprehensive and passionate foot care to relieve your achy feet and related joint pain — giving you a life of increased comfort.


Foot assessments, evaluations, pressure mappings, gait analyses & shoe analyses to improve living.


Custom & pre-fabricated orthotics & accessories to best fit to your feet.


You'll learn about your feet, orthotics, footwear & foot care that is best for you.


Flexible in location and scheduling, we'll come to you at an affordable price.

Certified & Complete Foot Care

Life is already painful enough. You have enough stress as it already is. Why keep foot pain within your aches?

As a CPed-Certified Pedorthist and Therapeutic Shoe Fitter, Solelytics brings the knowledge and experience necessary to reduce pain, increase comfort and enhance performance — all through professionally executed foot solutions.

Our foot care services include, but are not limited to:

 1-Hour Custom Orthotics for Richmond VA

Regardless of the type of foot pain you’re battling, from Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis to hammer toes or bunions, we can help.

As the only mobile foot care company in Richmond, VA, we come directly to you with comprehensive services for your appointment.

Your appointment will include:

  • Comprehensive foot assessment
  • Prefabricated, custom or medical-grade orthotic fitting
  • Footwear analysis
  • Footwear recommendations

Fitting more than just your feet, our adaptable scheduling offers extreme flexibility — no matter where you may be.

Are You Experiencing Foot or Joint Pain?

With a mobile solution for painful foot and joint conditions, we specialize in rectifying painful conditions such as:

How It Works

From custom insoles and inserts for work boots, running and hiking shoes and even dress shoes, to compression sleeves, comfortable socks and even sandals, we will get you from here to there and back again, and ready for more.

Solelytics is your go-to source for happy, healthy feet.

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From prefabricated orthotics to medical grade custom orthotics for advanced foot conditions, Solelytics is committed to providing you with the highest level of foot care. We’re a unique, mobile and affordable foot care company designed with you in mind. 

Whether you’re looking for education about your feet, foot assessments, custom orthotics or quality accessories, such as socks and compression garments, we’re available to help increase your overall comfort and get you to living your best life.

Start Off On The Right Foot!

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